Advantages and application methods of polyferric sulfate

2021-10-27 14:41:35

Polyferric sulfate as a new water purification agent, in order to achieve the expected effect, the precautions for the use of polyferric sulfate is one of the basic knowledge that people must understand. At present, polymerized ferric sulfate is mostly brown yellow powder, so it is necessary to dissolve the polymerized ferric sulfate before use. The fully dissolved polymerized ferric sulfate is generally a reddish brown liquid, and then mixed with water to a certain concentration of aqueous solution. When in use, an appropriate amount of polymerized ferric sulfate solution is added to the sewage. After stirring and mixing evenly, alum will form, slowly become larger and begin to settle. It will take about 20 minutes for all alum to settle to the bottom, and the sewage will become clearer. The appropriate dosage of polymeric ferric sulfate needs to be obtained through small-scale experiment, and adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation to ensure the use effect of polyferric sulfate.


First, the amount of polymerized ferric sulfate solution to be prepared shall be as much as it needs to be used up on the same day, otherwise it will deteriorate. Polyferric sulfate is slightly corrosive, so whether it is used manually or treatment equipment, certain anti-corrosion measures are required. Polyferric sulfate can be added with other organic coagulant aids such as polyacrylamide, but it can not be used with inorganic flocculant.


Polyferric sulfate is a new, high-quality and efficient ferric salt water purification flocculant. At present, it is widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater, and the effect is also very good. Polyferric sulfate has strong functions of turbidity removal, decolorization, oil removal, dehydration, COD removal and heavy metals in industrial wastewater treatment. Therefore, polyferric sulfate has been widely used in the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, electroplating wastewater, papermaking wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater and other industrial wastewater.


Polyferric sulfate has a small amount of use in industrial wastewater treatment, and its low price can well control the cost of wastewater treatment.

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