Application characteristics and application methods of polyaluminium ferric chloride

2021-08-02 08:18:14

Polyaluminium ferric chloride is a new type of composite amorphous inorganic polymer water purifying agent mainly composed of aluminum and supplemented by iron (iron content is about 1-3%). Iron is high valence iron, which forms polynuclear complex after hydrolysis. At low temperature, it has the characteristics of large proportion of alum formed in water and compact alum formed. It can be used for source water purification and treatment of wastewater from printing, dyeing and papermaking, coal washing, food, tanning industry and urban domestic sewage. In particular, the city’s treatment of turbidity source water and industrial wastewater is better than other flocculants. It has a high removal rate of various harmful elements in the water, and the COD removal rate of chemical oxygen demand is 60-95%.

Polyaluminium ferric chloride is characterized by:

Polyaluminium ferric chloride

1. Hydrolysis speed is fast and hydration is weak. The alum formed is dense and the sedimentation speed is fast. It is less affected by the change of water temperature, which can meet the requirements of shear force in the flow process.

2. The solid product is dark yellow powder, which is very soluble in water.

3. It can effectively remove aluminum ions in source water and residual free aluminum ions in water after aluminum salt coagulation.

4. Wide range of application, domestic drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, domestic sewage and industrial sewage treatment, etc.

5. The dosage is less, the treatment effect is good, and the cost is saved by 10-20% compared with other coagulants.

6. The use method, packaging purpose and precautions are basically the same as those of polyaluminium chloride.

Application method of polyaluminium ferric chloride:

Firstly, polyaluminium ferric chloride is dissolved into a 10% – 30% solution, and then diluted with water to the required concentration. When the environmental pH value of water quality is 6.0-9.0, the maximum benefit of coagulation can be brought into play. For general turbid water, 0.5-2.0kg (5-20ppm) of agent is added per 100t. When the raw water turbidity is high, the dosage can be increased appropriately, and when the turbidity is low, the dosage can be reduced appropriately. For rural use, polyaluminium ferric chloride can be put into a water tank, stirred evenly and stood still. The supernatant can be used. Add about 1g of this agent every 50kg. If polyaluminium ferric chloride is combined with polymer flocculant, the effect is better.

Due to the color removal performance of aluminum salt in polyaluminium ferric chloride, the color degree of water is greatly reduced. Therefore, it has the characteristics of PAC and iron salt, and overcomes the difficulty of water purification of polyaluminium chloride PAC at low temperature and low turbidity. Therefore, its water purification effect is obviously better than that of general water purification products.

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