Application method of drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride

2021-08-17 08:31:20

Due to different standards, the classification methods of polyaluminium chloride are also diverse. If classified by form, it can be divided into liquid polyaluminum chloride and solid polyaluminum chloride; According to the classification of drying process, it is divided into drum type polyaluminium chloride and spray drying polyaluminum chloride. It can be divided into high-purity polyaluminum chloride, drinking water grade polyaluminum chloride and industrial grade polyaluminum chloride according to the scope of use.

polyaluminum chloride

Drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride, the product is light yellow powder. The main raw materials are aluminum hydroxide, calcium aluminate and hydrochloric acid. The most advanced technology is spray drying. Drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride is widely used in drinking water, urban water supply and industrial water purification. Next, we will explain in detail the use method of drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride:

1. Carry out beaker coagulation test according to the water quality, and select the best dosage before putting it into use.

polyaluminum chloride

2. Solid drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride needs to be dissolved and diluted before being put into use. The dilution ratio of solid products is generally 2-5% (diluted according to alumina content), and the dilution amount is determined according to the water quality to be treated. After mixing and dissolving completely, add according to the optimal dosage determined by beaker coagulation test

3. Liquid drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride can be put directly or diluted. The dilution ratio of liquid product is 2-5% (diluted according to alumina content). The dosage of liquid product is 3-40g / T, and the specific dosage is subject to the beaker coagulation test.

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