Application scope of polyaluminium chloride

2021-10-12 08:48:09

The water purification principle and application scope of polyaluminium chloride is also the key problems to understand why polyaluminium chloride is invaild after dosing. Polyaluminium chloride will release a large number of charged ions when dissolved, and form large flocs by adsorbing other charged particles in the sewage. After precipitation, the water purification effect will be achieved, especially for the purification of high turbidity sewage. Polyaluminium chloride plays an important role in domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, beneficiation wastewater and other places.


With the development of polyaluminium chloride, industrial grade polyaluminium chloride produced by spray process has begun to appear. Due to the high purity of this kind of polyaluminium chloride, it has a better effect than the drum type industrial grade polyaluminum chloride in the treatment of some industrial wastewater. However, the price of this kind of polyaluminum chloride is relatively high. Therefore, in the treatment of industrial wastewater, it is better to select the industrial grade polyaluminum chloride according to its own wastewater treatment situation, It also needs to be selected according to its own wastewater treatment process. Polyaluminium chloride can dissolve in water very quickly. Under normal conditions, polyaluminium chloride is added to water. It will dissolve rapidly and achieve the effect of complete dissolution in a short time. When the water temperature is not higher than 70 ℃, polyaluminium chloride will dissolve faster with the increase of water temperature.


It has played a good role and effectively solved the problem of environmental pollution. Through the construction of a reservoir to reach the groundwater, it is added to the groundwater, and then polyaluminium chloride is added to the water with large volume and serious pollution. After mixing and mixing, the above water can be used. Only through polyaluminium chloride or water purification can people’s health. At this time, polyaluminum chloride for drinking water must also be drinking water grade polyaluminum chloride, which can be directly added and used. As an important chemical product, people know that most chemical products have certain harmony, It will do great harm to people. Let’s analyze the problem of polyaluminium chloride. However, polyaluminium chloride has certain. It will be harmful to human skin and skin. Once polyaluminium chloride is used, a lot of clean water cleaning is required.

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