Characteristics and application of industrial grade polyaluminium chloride

2021-10-19 08:20:14

Due to the differences in raw materials and production processes, the products produced can be divided into industrial grade polyaluminium chloride, drinking water grade polyaluminum chloride and high-purity polyaluminum chloride. Let’s have a detailed understanding of the uses and characteristics of industrial grade polyaluminium chloride.

First, we introduce the following uses of industrial grade polyaluminium chloride:

Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride is an inorganic polymer flocculant. Inorganic polymers with high molecular weight and high charge are produced by the action of hydroxyl ion functional groups and multivalent anion polymerization functional groups. The applicable pH value boundary is 5.0-9.0, and the optimal pH value is 6.5-7.6.

1. It can be used for the treatment of river, lake and groundwater, industrial water and industrial circulating water.

2. It can be used for the recovery of coal mine scouring wastewater and ceramic industry wastewater.

3. It can be used in printing plants, printing and dyeing plants, leather factories, breweries, meat processing plants, pharmaceutical factories, paper mills, coal washing, metallurgy, mining areas, and the treatment of wastewater containing fluorine, oil and heavy metals.

4. It can be used for anti wrinkle of leather and cloth. It can be used as an excellent catalyst.

5. It can be used for cement setting and molding casting; Refining of pharmaceuticals, glycerol and sugars; Bonding of papermaking.

Secondly, what are the characteristics of industrial polyaluminium chloride.

1. Wide use boundary, suitable for ordinary water.

2. It is easy to quickly cause large alum and has good accumulation function.

3. The suitable pH value boundary is wide (5-9), and the pH value and alkalinity of the treated water fall less.

4. When the water temperature is low, it can still maintain a stable accumulation effect. The alkalinity is higher than other aluminum salts and iron salts, and has little corrosion effect on equipment.

Through the understanding of the use and characteristics of industrial grade polyaluminium chloride, I believe you also have a new understanding in choosing polyaluminum chloride products.

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