Function of polyaluminium chloride in clarifier

2021-08-16 07:57:03

Clarifier is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of contact agglutination to remove suspended solids in wastewater. It integrates three processes: rapid mixing, reaction and sedimentation. The cleaning tank covers a small area and has the advantages of good treatment effect, high output and low reagent consumption, but the management is chaotic. Fluctuations in the water quality, water quantity and water temperature of the inlet tank will affect the treatment effect of the clean water tank, the water quality of the outlet tank is unstable and the equipment structure is messy. The filter is mainly used for water supply treatment and sewage treatment.

polyaluminium chloride

A sludge layer is set in the clarifier. After adding coagulant polyaluminium chloride(pac), the raw water enters the sludge layer through mixing reaction. The fine suspended solids in the water can be removed by using the tactile agglutination of the sludge layer. There are many forms of the clarifier, which can be generally divided into two types: one is the circulating sludge type, which carries out sludge circulation frequently in the clarifier to make the raw water in close contact with the sludge; The other is the suspended sludge type, which forms a sludge layer at a certain depth in the tank. When the water from the mixing tank passes through the sludge layer, it will touch and agglutinate. The circulating sludge type can be divided into mechanical mixing acceleration type and hydraulic circulation acceleration type. The former can be driven by electric mixing or hydraulic power, which is suitable for large and medium-sized capacity; The latter is suitable for small and medium-sized capacity. The suspended slag type can be divided into suspended type and pulse type. The former can adopt perforated or non perforated bottom plate, which is suitable for the scene where the hourly flow change is greater than 10% and the hourly water temperature change is not more than 1 degree; The latter can be vacuum type, siphon type or cut door type, which is suitable for large and medium-sized units. Compared with ordinary deposition process equipment, the shock absorber can greatly reduce the cost.

polyaluminium chloride

Flocculant separation tank mainly includes mechanical accelerated cleaning tank, hydraulic circulating cleaning tank, suspension cleaning tank, pulse cleaning tank, Gaza cleaning tank, cyclone reflux cleaning tank, high-speed pulse cleaning tank, etc.

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