How to distinguish the authenticity of polyaluminium chloride

2021-08-19 08:15:28

Polyaluminium chloride water treatment agent is a necessary chemical agent in the process of industrial water, domestic water and wastewater treatment. Through the use of these chemicals, the water can meet the inevitable quality requirements of water treatment agent. The identification of true and false can be intuitive from its appearance, color, smell, solubility, clarity and solid crystal form.

How to distinguish the authenticity of polyaluminium chloride</center

So what method can distinguish the authenticity of polyaluminium chloride water purifying agent? Generally, we start from the following four aspects:

1.Determination of physical constants   Such as the density and viscosity of liquid reagent, the melting point of solid reagent, etc

2.acquisition of spectra or other spectral features   For example, ultraviolet absorption spectrum, infrared spectrum and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum. For some drugs, their chromatographic characteristic values (specific shift value, retention time, etc.) can also be determined

How to distinguish the authenticity of polyaluminium chloride

3.Ph value   Generally, it is based on the pH value of 1% aqueous solution

4.main chemical reactions   Such as functional group reaction, ion reaction, etc.

Methods to distinguish the quality of polyaluminium chloride:

From the appearance, the appearance of polyaluminium chloride solid product is light yellow. Due to the different number of hydroxyl groups in the molecules, when polyaluminium chloride is added to the turbid source water, it continues to hydrolyze under the pH condition of the source water. In the hydrolysis process, a series of physicochemical processes such as condensation, adsorption and precipitation occur, so as to achieve the purpose of purification.

The most direct and simple way to judge the quality of polyaluminium chloride is to look at the reaction intensity of polyaluminium chloride in water. In the process of water purification, the commonly used centralized water purifying agent will have violent reactions in raw water purification. With these physical and chemical reactions, a better purification effect can be achieved, Polyaluminium chloride is one of the common water purification materials with violent reaction in water.

Although the application of polyaluminium chloride products has been widely recognized in the water purification industry, many people can not accurately judge the quality of polyaluminium chloride products.

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