How to reduce the content of water insoluble matter in Polyaluminium Chloride

2021-10-11 08:15:03

The content of water-insoluble matter in Polyaluminium chloride(PAC) directly affects whether the product of polyaluminium chloride is qualified or not. The water-insoluble matter of polyaluminium chloride is determined by different production raw materials, production processes and drying processes. So how to reduce the content of water-insoluble matter in Polyaluminium chloride?


The water insoluble matter of polyaluminium chloride mostly comes from production raw materials, so it needs to be controlled from the source. Traditional polyaluminium chloride is mostly produced by bauxite and industrial waste hydrochloric acid. These raw materials generally contain a large number of impurities. If the production process is not well controlled, the later polyaluminium chloride will contain a large amount of water-insoluble substances.


Polyaluminium chloride is easy to operate in use. Cost savings. Therefore, it is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. Polyaluminium chloride is not dangerous goods, but it should be noted that heat will be generated when encountering water after the outer package of polyaluminium chloride is damaged. Polyaluminium chloride is highly corrosive and strong. It will produce on human skin. A large amount of polyaluminium chloride will cause and bronchus. Taking a large amount of polyaluminum chloride by mistake will cause human oral ulceration. Polyaluminum chloride is used as a water purification agent. The secondary product is used for the purification of drinking water and urban industrial water supply. Hazards: if the use method is improper, there will be certain hazards, but as long as the operation is correct, there will be no hazards. Precautions for the use of polyaluminium chloride and the operators should be trained. Strictly follow the operating rules.

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