Polyaluminium chloride is a very powerful water purifying agent

2021-08-25 07:58:42

In the actual wastewater treatment, the removal of coarse impurities by polyaluminium chloride(pac) belongs to the pretreatment part of water. Suspended solids and colloids generally include sediment, algae, bacteria, viruses and water insoluble substances in water and in the process of water treatment. The dissolved matter is divided into inorganic salts, organic compounds and gases. There are many treatment methods for removing impurities in water. The main scope of application of the methods can be roughly divided into the strength of magazines. Because there are great differences in types and concentrations between the impurities contained in the far water and the allowable impurities in the finished water, the water treatment process is very different.

Polyaluminium chloride is a very powerful water purifying agent

In practical application, in terms of domestic water treatment, the water source comes from high-quality raw water, which can become drinking water after a series of disinfection and purification treatment. The raw water of drinking water is generally from rivers and lakes. The treatment process is generally to remove particulate insoluble matter, such as sediment and turbid impurities, and then disinfect, If the water source pollution is serious, organic pollutants and other pollutants need to be removed. For example, large amounts of iron and manganese are most often found in water. Large amounts of iron and manganese need to be treated later. Industrial water can generally be used, and domestic water can meet the general production needs. However, if the industrial water with higher requirements is met, it must be further processed, such as water softening and desalination.

However, when the water quality requirements of wastewater discharge or reuse water are reduced, only coarse impurities and suspended solids (often referred to as primary treatment) need to be removed by screening and sedimentation; When organic matter is required to be removed, biological treatment and disinfection are generally adopted after primary treatment. The process of wastewater after biological treatment is collectively referred to as tertiary treatment or advanced treatment. For example, when the wastewater discharged into the water body needs to prevent eutrophication, the nitrogen and phosphorus removal process belongs to three-level treatment. When wastewater is used as the water source, the quality requirements of finished water and the corresponding processing process depend on its use. In theory, modern water treatment technology can take any high-quality finished water from any poor water quality.

The so-called “water treatment” in water purification is actually to remove harmful substances in water through physical and chemical methods. Polyaluminium chloride is selected for water quality conditioning, such as sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, flocculation and corrosion and scale inhibition. Because the production and life of social water treatment are closely related to water, the application range of design in the field of water treatment is very wide, which constitutes a very huge industrial application.

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