Precautions for using polyaluminium chloride in summer

2021-09-27 14:10:14

Due to the rise of temperature and the acceleration of molecular motion in summer, black odor will occur in both domestic sewage and industrial sewage once they are not treated in time. Therefore, polyaluminium chloride is sold more in summer. In order to avoid a series of unnecessary troubles, pay attention to the following details when using this product in summer:


1. It is necessary to wear long sleeved trousers or work clothes during operation. In high temperature and hot weather in summer, if you wear short sleeved shorts during operation, polyaluminium chloride products will dissolve quickly once they stick to your body. The sticky body is not only uncomfortable, but also difficult to wash.

2. Wear cloth shoes or rubber shoes, and slippers are strictly prohibited, so as to avoid getting the product on your feet. Because its staff often climb up and down during work, once wearing slippers, the product sticks to the feet and dissolves, it is very slippery, especially easy to slip and cause accidents.


3. In order to prevent the product from sticking to hands, wear gloves during operation.

4. In order to prevent the product from entering the mouth, be sure to wear a mask during operation.

5. Keep the containers dry. After use, be sure to tie the bag tightly to prevent the product from moisture and caking.


The raw material of polyaluminium chloride contains hydrochloric acid, which is corrosive. If the product sticks to clothes or skin, it must be cleaned in time. The product will melt when exposed to the sun, which will affect the use effect. In high temperature and hot weather in summer, this product should be stored indoors in a dry, ventilated and cool place. Do not get damp.

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