Principle and characteristics of Polyferric sulfate

2021-10-22 08:45:13

As a flocculant with the same water purification effect as polyacrylamide, polyferric sulfate(PFS) can be divided into solid and liquid shapes. But different shapes have different application functions and action principles. So let’s give us a specific introduction by Aierfuke.


Polyferric sulfate(PFS) as inorganic polymer flocculant: the liquid is reddish brown viscous liquid; Solid is a red or light yellow granular substance that is easily soluble in water.

After hydrolysis of Polyferric sulfate(PFS), many polynuclear complexes such as [FE4 (H2O) 6], [Fe2 (H2O) 6] and [Fe (OH) 2] are produced. Through adsorption, bridging and cross-linking, colloidal particles in water can be condensed together. At the same time, a series of physicochemical changes have taken place, which makes them have strong electric neutralization ability, thus reducing the potential of micelles, The stability of the micelle is broken and the colloidal particles are precipitated rapidly.

Polyferric sulfate(PFS) is characterized by excellent coagulation performance, dense alum, fast sedimentation speed, stable performance, excellent water purification effect, remarkable decolorization, deodorization, dehydration, deoiling, sterilization, removal of heavy metal ions, ammonia nitrogen, strict nitrate nitrogen, silica sol, radioactive substances and carcinogens, low dosage and low cost.


1. Polyferric sulfate has low alkalinity (10% – 13%), so it has greater cohesion, larger flocs and faster sedimentation than polyaluminium ferric chloride.

2. In addition, the relative density is small, which plays a better role in air flotation

3. The pH value has a wide range of application (4-11), which can remove other heavy metals except Mn;

4. It can remove SS, COD, BOD, chroma and odor;

5. The precipitation effect of polyacrylamide with a certain amount of coagulant aid is better;

6. It has demulsification function and plays a certain role in removing emulsified oil;

7. It is easy to manufacture, low material price, easy to obtain and less corrosive;

8. The dosage of agent is less, and the sludge is less than its agent.


As an inorganic polymer flocculant, Polyferric sulfate(PFS) has a very good sewage treatment effect. If we want to buy flocculant products in this field, we can choose this product to try, which may bring you a surprise treatment effect.

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