Thai polyferric sulfate (PFS) manufacturer

2021-11-03 11:27:42

Thai polyferric sulfate (PFS) manufacturer.Polyferric sulfate(PFS) as a new water purification agent, in order to achieve the expected effect, the precautions for the use of polyferric sulfate is one of the basic knowledge that people must understand.

Polyferric sulfate is a new, high-quality and efficient ferric salt water purification flocculant. At present, it is widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater, and the effect is also very good. Polyferric sulfate has strong functions of turbidity removal, decolorization, oil removal, dehydration, COD removal and heavy metals in industrial wastewater treatment. Therefore, polyferric sulfate has been widely used in the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, electroplating wastewater, papermaking wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater and other industrial wastewater.


Aierfuke polyferric sulfate can replace polyaluminium chloride and other water purification agents in industrial wastewater treatment. The wastewater treated with polyferric sulfate basically does not contain aluminum ions. This feature is of great significance in some industrial wastewater treatment. polyferric sulfate is used as coagulant in papermaking wastewater treatment for dewatering of papermaking sludge. polyferric sulfate can be used as coagulant and complexing breaker in electroplating wastewater treatment. The complex in electroplating wastewater is difficult to treat, but polyferric sulfate can react with it. Polymeric ferric sulfate has strong decolorization and COD removal effects in the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater.


Aierfuke polyferric sulfate has a small amount of use in industrial wastewater treatment. Coupled with its low price, it can well control the cost of wastewater treatment.

China Henan aierfalk Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a research, development, production and sales base of water purification materials with large scale, excellent quality and anti risk ability in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of water purification materials. Founded in June 2004, the company is located in the western industrial agglomeration area of Jiaozuo City. Its main products are “green water clean” brand polyaluminium chloride, polymeric ferric sulfate and other water treatment material series products, which can be widely used in the fields of domestic drinking water, domestic sewage, industrial water supply and sewage purification, papermaking sizing, cosmetics additives, municipal wastewater treatment and recovery.


Thank you for your attention to Henan aierfang Chemicals Co., Ltd.: focus on water treatment, only for a healthy world! Our company is committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales of polyaluminium chloride and polyferric sulfate series water purification materials, and is willing to create success with our customers and friends.

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